January 29, 2018

Synaxarion of the Holy Seven Martyrs of Samosata

On this day [January 29] we commemorate the Holy Seven Martyrs who were perfected in Samosata: Philotheos, Hyperechios, Abibus, Julian, Romanos, James and Paregorius.


On behalf of the Word who was nailed to the Cross,
The heads of seven athletes were nailed.

These Saints, as soldiers of Christ the heavenly King, reviled and rebuked the delusion of the idolaters. Thus the idolaters captured them, and struck their upper arms and thighs with thick rods. They were then flogged without mercy, had heavy chains bound to their necks, and they were cast into prison. After they were taken out of prison, and flogged for a second time. Then they were suspended and had nails struck through their heads, which caused them to deliver their souls into the hands of God, and in this way the renowned ones received the unfading crowns of the contest.