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Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Flight of Saint Maximos the Kavsokalyvites

By Hieromonk Nephon
(Biographer of Saint Maximos the Kavsokalyvites)

Two monks from the holy Monastery of Vatopaidi once went to the blessed one [Maximos]. And he was away from his hut; but he came to his hut, as though on wings, above the branches of the forest. When they saw this, they were astounded, and a great fear took hold of them, and they started trembling with fear.

After some time they approached the blessed one and, after prostrating themselves, sat down, receiving his blessing. And he asked them, "Where did you come from?" And they replied, "From Vatopaidi; and we came to be blessed and receive a blessing from your holiness; and we thank God that we've seen you." He asked them again, "You didn't see anything, did you?" And they said, "We didn't see anything."

Then they conversed with the blessed one and he taught them about their salvation. And after they had prostrated themselves, he dismissed them in peace. And on the way back they described what they had seen with their own eyes, amazed at how close the blessed man was to God.

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