August 11, 2011

Romania Adds August 15 Among Free Days For Workers

Dormition Church in Transylvania, Romania

Irina Popescu
August 10, 2011
Romanian Insider

Romania has added yet another free day for its working class. August 15, when Orthodox celebrate the Virgin Mary’s Dormition, has been declared a free day and included in the Labor Code.

If the employer doesn’t give the employees the time off to holidays under the Labor Code, he is forced to pay the employees who work a compensation of up to 100 percent for that day, or to give them a day off in the next 30 days. However, the employers may take advantage of a provision of the new Labour Code, that says the provisions of article referring to the public holidays does not apply to workplaces where the work can not be interrupted because of the specific production.

Romanian employees have this year the fewest days off, since January 1st and 2nd, May 1st and the Christmas Day are days of weekend, which means that only five of the 11 days off granted by law are not working days.