August 5, 2011

Kosovo Serbs Facing Food Shortages...


Press Release



Decani Monastery Relief Fund

Beloved in Christ our Lord,

May our Gracious God always bless you!

Some of us have heard for the last couple of weeks of problems at the borders of Kosovo, and currently NATO troops are securing the borders due to the fact the Albanians have tried to take over the borders. Cars can pass through the borders it has been reported, but not trucks that are carrying supplies such as food and medicine among ethnic Serbs living in northern Kosovo.

"Suppliers from Serbia have been unable to deliver bread and milk to the towns of Lesak, Leposavic and northern Mitrovica, the Belgrade-based Beta news agency reported." Local shops in the towns are on the verge of selling out of meat and sugar products, and customers have been trying to stockpiling flour and yeast. Bottled water is also in short demand. Local doctors at the main health centers in Mitrovica expressed concern over shortages of medicine, the Beta said. In addition long lines now at local fuel stations throughout the region.

The Independent Kosovo government has created all of these severe difficulties for thousands of Serbs, as it was also decided earlier this monthly to implement a new ban on imports from Serbia, At this time as it has been indicated no trucks with supplies are allowed to enter Mitrovica or Northern Kosovo.

As the days continue onward and months Serbs will indeed be facing a humanitarian crisis from the lack of fuel, water, food, and medicine.

If talks begin about the problems at the borders NATO will perhaps in the end grant further freedom to the Independent Kosovo government in allowing them to control the borders! This will be a humanitarian disaster! for Serbs living in Mitrovica and in Northern Kosovo. Thousands of Serbs will starve and many will perish due to the lack of medical help!

How did many of these problems begin in the first place?

Peace-keeping troops have been taken out of the region for the protection of Serbs!

Local Serbian Orthodox Churches and monasteries have limited protection at this time, as well as local towns and villages!

Then we have reports of vandalism of local Serbian Orthodox cemeteries!

Now we will have starvation and serious medical problems for the Serbs with no one to assist them or offer any help! The eyes and ears of many of us will be closed!

We must as loving Christians open up our hearts and offer any assistance possible to help the Serbs in the Kosovo region, and the way to do this is to please support the Decani Monastery Relief Fund, -send a donation of your choice to this fund. The monks at the Decani Monastery will offer as much as possible further assistance throughout these towns and villages.

Our love and kindness is needed at this hour, and let us together bring some comfort and hope to our brothers and sisters! Offer as well your humble prayers.

God love and bless you!

Decani Monastery Relief Fund Inc.
C/O Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
2618 West Bannock Street
Boise, Idaho 83702

Cell phone: 208-860-2479

Facebook: The Decani Monastery Relief Fund

Thank you most humbly!
Peace to your soul!

God love and bless you!

Humbly in Christ our Lord,

+ Very Reverend Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes

President of The Decani Monastery Relief Fund Inc.

Who prays for you and with you!

I have run to the fragrance of your myrrh,
O Christ God, for I have been wounded by your love;
do not part from me, O heavenly Bridegroom.

- "Wounded by Love, The Life and The Wisdom of Elder Porphyrios"

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