August 2, 2011

Divine Liturgy With Elder Porphyrios (video)

This Divine Liturgy with Elder Porphyrios was recorded on 27 May 1977 at the Holy Church of Saint Nicholas in Kallision. It was recorded by Maria Liva and found among her belongings following her passing. It was given to the Hesychasterion of Elder Porphyrios in Milesi by a relative of hers. The entire recording begins with the Praises of Orthros and ends with the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy. The chanter is Elder Porphyrios' sister Hariklia, who later became the nun Porphyria, the first abbess of the Hermitage of the Transfiguration of Christ.

This recording offers the listener the opportunity to hear the voice of a Saint celebrating mystagogically the Divine Liturgy. The above recording is taken from the Small Entrance.