November 9, 2010

Russian President Sends Flowers To St. Nektarios

Yesterday, Monday 8 November 2010, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev sent a bouquet of flowers to honor St. Nektarios on the Greek island of Aegina, reports

Metropolitan Panteleimon of Berea had met with Medvedev yesterday in Moscow, and since it was his name day according to the Old Calendar (St. Demetrios, October 26), the Russian President requested of the Metropolitan to bring the relics of St. Demetrios for veneration (they had been brought before to Russia in 2009). As the Metropolitan was leaving he had mentioned he was going to Aegina for the feast of St. Nektarios on November 9th. Since St. Nektarios is highly venerated in Russia, Preseident Medvedev gave orders to have a bouquet of flowers given to the Metropolitan to honor St. Nektarios.

Metropolitan Panteleimon arrived in Aegina yesterday evening for the Great Vespers service. He handed over the flowers to Metropolitan Ephraim of Hydra with the greetings of President Medvedev, and he in turn placed the flowers before the icon of the Saint.