November 7, 2010

Disturbing American Statistics

1 in 7 live in poverty, 1 in 5 children live in poverty, 1 in 6 don't have health insurance, 1 in 5 are unemployed/underemployed, 1 in 7 are mortgage delinquent, 2/3 live paycheck to paycheck, 42 million are using food stamps and 53 percent are "very concerned" or "somewhat concerned" about having the money to make their monthly mortgage payment. $60 billion was made by American companies overseas this year and they will not bring it back to this country to pay their taxes like everybody else. Instead it is being used to bolster economies in the countries that have taken over our industrial base. Tea Party Republicans are looking to extend $700 billion in tax cuts to the most wealthy without looking for any type of spending reductions, while they want spending cuts of $5 billion to $6 billion a month as a condition for extending emergency unemployment benefits that are scheduled to expire next month for millions of Americans. They are willing to bust the budget for the wealthy but will not allow emergency spending for the unemployed.

"All our lives we sweat and save, building for a shallow grave." - Jim Morrison