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November 1, 2010

Archaeologist Who Discovered Herod's Tomb Dies At Herodium

Ehud Netzer, Archaeologist who Found Herod’s Tomb, Dies after Fall at Herodium

October 29, 2010
Biblical Archaeology Review

Ehud Netzer, a top Israeli archaeogist noted for discovering King Herod’s tomb, died at age 76 yesterday as the result of a fall at Herodium, the site of Herod’s tomb. On Monday, Netzer suffered serious skull and neck fractures after a wooden railing he had leaned on collapsed, allowing him to fall down a six-meter drop.

Netzer had been excavating at Herodium since 1972 in search of the burial site of King Herod, and found the tomb in 2007. Since the discovery, Netzer actively continued to participate in excavations at Herodium. Herod’s tomb, the object of Netzer’s 35-year search, had been hidden intentionally by rebels during the Jewish rebellion agains the Romans in the first century A.D.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statment in memory of Netzer: “Netzer’s tragic death is a loss for his family, for research into the heritage of Israel and for archaeology.”

Further details on the death of Ehud Netzer, the archaeologist who discovered Herod’s tomb.

Read BAR’s online report on Netzer’s discovery of Herod’s Tomb.