Friday, May 29, 2015

Saint Theodosia the Virgin Martyr of Tyre

St. Theodosia the Virgin (Feast Day - May 29)

Theodosia, a venerable and holy maiden, hailed from Tyre of Phoenicia. In 308, when she was eighteen years of age, she was cast into prison, for Caesarea of Palestine had been subjugated by idol worshippers. When the judge and pagan rulers came to sit in council, they passed sentences condemning certain Christians who were confessors of the Faith of Christ.

Among the confessors, Theodosia was brought bound before the governor, Urbanus, who commanded her to sacrifice to the idols. Since the Saint would not be persuaded, the brutal governor inflicted dreadful wounds to her ribs; nor did the inhuman tyrant neglect to leave unharrowed her bones and her entrails. Thereupon, the Saint suffered all these punishments with extreme courage and utter silence.

Yet, the Saint survived. Theodosia was again questioned and encouraged by the governor to consent and offer oblation to the profane idol. However, the Saint looked at him warily and, smiling, said, "Be not deceived, O man, be not deceived; but know this, you have also made me worthy to be in the company of God's holy martyrs."

Therefore, the governor, considering the maiden's words insulting and outrageous, tortured Theodosia in excess of her prior injuries. Then Urbanus had her cast into the depths of the sea. It was there that the ascetic's blessed soul was surrendered into the hand's of God; and, thus, she obtained an undying crown from Him.

From The Lives of the Holy Women Martrys, Holy Apostle's Convent, Buena Vista, CO, pp. 198.

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