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Friday, June 4, 2021

"The Little Lily" - A Poem of Eldress Galaktia

The Little Lily

A little all-white lily
has sprouted in this yard of mine
how much I would like to resemble it
this wretched soul of mine.

Its petals have opened
it looks at the sky
and He who sent it to earth
it sings hymns to Him and glorifies.

With its white costume
and its purity   
it fills my heart
and gives me its fragrancy.

As if it says to me how I as well
like that can be
and my soul to Christ
will go like a white lily.

Τό Κρινάκι

Ἕνα κρινάκι ὁλόλευκο
φύτρωσε στήν αὐλή μου
πῶς θἄθελα νά τοῦ ‘μοιαζε
ἡ ἄθλια ψυχή μου.

Τά πέταλά του ἄνοιξε
τόν οὐρανό κοιτάζει
κι Αὐτόν πού τό ‘στειλε στήν γῆ
ὑμνεῖ καί Τόν δοξάζει.

Μέ τήν λευκή του φορεσιά
καί τήν ἁγνότητά του
γεμίζει τήν καρδούλα μου
καί δίνει τ' ἄρωμά του.

Σάν νά μοῦ λέει πῶς κι ἐγώ
νά γίνω σάν ἐκεῖνο
καί ἡ ψυχή μου στόν Χριστό
νά πάει ἄσπρο κρῖνο.

This poem of Eldress Galaktia was put to song by catechetical teachers of the Metropolis of Nafpaktos. Listen here
English translation by John Sanidopoulos.  

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