June 15, 2021

The Last Words of Eldress Galaktia

By Father Antonios Fraggakis,
Preacher of the Holy Metropolis of Gortyna

She told us on 25 March 2021:

(These words were heard by five people and I immediately communicated them to Metropolitans who respect and love her.)

"I'm leaving. I wanted to stay in order to first fulfill a certain wish of mine, but I can do it from there. I said to the Great Master: 'Please take me now! I don't want honors on my wretchedness.'"

I asked her:

"What did He say?"

"We shall see it."

She leaned back quietly, without any particular signs the rest of the time.

On Saturday at noon, she spontaneously told me:

"Bend down so I can kiss you. May you have my blessing as long as you live and after death! And whatever you hear, keep your mouth shut."

She said to the ladies who volunteered to serve her:

"I'm leaving! The time has come! Difficulties are coming...!"

Then she said twice:

"Death! Death is birth in the heavens!"

These were her last words.

I assure you on my priesthood of the following:

She left us a strict order:

"I do not want many Priests at my funeral. Let them attend, but only my two children will bury me: Father Antonios and Father Stylianos. I do not want flowers. I will die in a period of many flowers. This is enough. May there be few people, and there will be few people. This is enough for my filthy wretchedness. Only commemorate me, because I have much need for it. And you my child Antonios, you will undertake during your lifetime to commemorate my dead ones."