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June 3, 2021

A Testimony of the Spiritual Gifts of Eldress Galaktia

The following testimony was written by a young man from Glyfada, Attica. He visited Eldress Galaktia in Crete and wrote about his experiences, and this testimony was published on the official website of the Metropolis of Morphou.

I did not know Eldress Galaktia. But I happened to find out about her. I made a trip from Athens and visited her in the summer of 2019. At that time I was in a relationship with a girl who was pushing me to complete it. My spiritual father encouraged me to do it, telling me that since we love each other and there is the prospect of a serious development of the relationship, it is not wrong.

However, I did not find rest, because what he was telling me was completely contrary to my beliefs. After much thought, and being confused within myself, I found a Metropolitan and told him my thoughts. He referred me to Eldress Galaktia in Crete. I made the trip and they welcomed me with joy. The sweet grandmother was shining and was fragrant! A mystical but powerful light was coming out of her that you could hardly look at. Peace reigned there.

God's peace! With how much love she hugged me! She told me emphatically: "Get away from him (she said his name) because he will destroy you!" Because this name belonged to my partner (it is not a very common name), who is a good friend of mine and we never had a hard time with each other, I was upset. I was very upset. The grandmother could not hear. I told Father Antonios why I was upset. He replied that it is impossible for her to mean your partner. The grandmother immediately clarified. She understood my objection in a spiritual way. "Not the one you think! The priest who will be an ex-priest! (who will cease to be a priest). He, my child, puts veils over the eyes of the people and does not let them see Christ clearly. You leave now!"

I immediately realized who it was and was in awe! She answered the question I came for! Then she revealed my professional status, described to me how I work and other issues of my personal life! I left airy, light, heavenly.

In February 2020 I asked to see her again. At that time she no longer received many visitors. Father Antonios allowed me and I thanked him. I went on February 4th. I was concerned about what to do in my life. Should I become a monk or follow a married life? My old relationship did not go well in the end. Then I thought, if I get married, how will I coexist with my wife and then pray? How can sexual intercourse between spouses be combined with asceticism and spiritual life? Aren't they the opposite?

These and other things bothered me. I went that morning, and asked for her blessing. She showed me her love with the heart of a saint. I did not ask anything because she did not hear at all and because due to the strokes she could not contain what she heard. I stayed with her all day until the night when I would travel again. She did not talk to me and I confess that I was a little disappointed in that, but I was praying. Father Antonios left for a funeral in a remote village. At 7pm, her room was full of ladies serving her. Father Antonios was there. I went to ask for her blessing to leave. Then she said to me: "Sit down now and let me tell you. You, my child, are not suited to be a monk! You will get married! You take care to have your mind on God, the Panagia, and the Saints, without stress and anxiety, and when the right time comes, a girl will appear to you with whom you will be united in marriage. And do not be afraid. It is not a sin to sleep with your wife. Physical sex is not a sin! God blessed it (always in the context of marriage) to have children, but also for the couple to be connected with each other. The biggest sin, my child, is the dirty, abnormal things they do today, outside and inside marriage! You will pay attention to the holy days, you will love your wife and you will embrace her fearlessly. Gradually you will go higher… (your marriage will become more spiritual)."

I will not forget the embarrassment and surprise of Father Antonios and Mrs. Ririka hearing these words. They said that she used this terminology for the first time, for example "physical sex" etc. I explained to them, leaping with joy, that I was expecting these words! This is what I wanted to hear! For these thoughts I made the trip from Athens! The eldress continued and said other things about my life. What to say? How do I finish? Are there words?

Our blessed sweet grandmother with the bright prophetic eyes. With the bright face and the fragrance, we will never forget you! Too bad everyone didn't know you! But it does not matter! You are more alive now. You run faster. Your legs do not hurt. Let people call you and you will run. Your blessing! Do not forget me up there where you co-reign with our Christ.

PS: Needless to say, my former spiritual father was defrocked as the sweet grandmother prophesied!
Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.