June 30, 2021

The Holy Apostles (St. Nikolai Velimirovich)


 By St. Nikolai Velimirovich

From the divine apostles flowed rivers of living water across the whole world. Others came and drank their fill of this living water, while others did not. The apostles walked among people like gods, working miracles, healing all sicknesses and every infirmity, preaching repentance and forgiveness of sins. Some received them rejoicing, while others rejected them, angrily and mockingly. Those who accepted them also experienced communion with the Holy Spirit and the action of the Holy Spirit in them. And so the holy nation grew, and God’s Church spread and became established in the world. The seed grew and bore fruit. Thus was the house of truth, the cornerstone of which is our Lord Jesus Christ, sanctified by the All-Holy Spirit, spread to the four corners of the world, and its rooftop rose to the greatest heights of heaven.



Like a dry desert, the whole world was;

Across it the chariot of the Spirit flew--

A fiery vision, the Holy Apostles.

The All-holy Spirit, through them, rebuilt the universe.

Rivers of wondrous grace flowed,

And brought the dead desert to life.

Wonderful Apostles, water-bearing clouds,

Simple ones, wise ones, fishermen, heroes!

From the Ganges to the Thames, they carried the torch;

From the Nile to Pontus, holiness they proclaimed.

From variegated Persia to bronze Gaul,

Wherever feet trod or galleys sailed:

Everywhere, the miracle of the Incarnate God, they brought,

Everywhere, the name of the resurrected Christ, they proclaimed,

Without complaint and fear, without confusion.

Mountains and seas to them were not obstacles;

The sword did not frighten them, nor persecution prevent them;

Nor by all the fires of hades that against them erupted were they stopped.

Truth guided them, not a false fable.

"Our life is Christ, and death a beautiful gain!"

Thus they spoke. To such as these, what could be done?

Crucify their bodies? Flay their skin?

The world did this, but what harm did it do them?

May they reign eternally! Thus has God judged.