June 12, 2021

Saint Onouphrios Saves a Child Who Had Fallen Down a Cliff

Mr. Anastasios Soukoulis from Corinth told us the following:

I was a small child, in the early grades of Elementary School, and one day I stayed at home with my grandfather. My parents lived on our estates, far from the village, since it was summer and they were harvesting.

When I woke up in the morning, my grandfather had left to carry the bundles from the fields with the animals, and he had locked the door of our house. Since I had no other way out of the house I tried to get out through the window without thinking that there was a cliff below.

I slipped and fell into the void. Then I felt that someone was holding me and falling gently I remained on a rock, without suffering anything.

That night an old man appeared to my mother while she was sleeping on our estates and said to her:

"I saved your son."

"Who are you?" My mother asked him.

"I am Venerable Onouphrios and I am celebrating today."

The Venerable one repeated his name three times, because my mother was illiterate, so as not to forget it.

She immediately woke up my father, told him the dream she had and because they were worried they started for the village.

When they got home they asked me what happened to me. I told them what happened, without knowing about my mother's dream.

Then they went to the village chanter and then to the church to learn about the Venerable one, because it was the first time they had heard such a name. They saw how on that day, June 12, it was the commemoration of Venerable Onouphrios.

When my mother saw the icon of Venerable Onouphrios, she said that it was exactly as she saw him in her dream. With the long beard, without a cassock, having many hairs on his body, a most ascetic old man.

Source: From the book Μυστικά βιώματα στην Αγία Γη by Σοφίας Κιόρογλου. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.