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June 8, 2021

5 Beautiful Chapels on the Greek Islands Dedicated to Saint Kalliopi the Martyr

It is unknown where the Holy Martyr Kalliopi was from, who suffered during persecution of the reign of Emperor Decius (249-251). She was known for her physical and spiritual beauty, produced through her virtue and deep piety. For her faith in Christ she was arrested and led before the pagan eparch for judgment. He immediately observed Kalliopi's beauty, and desired to have her as his own, seeking with promises and flattery to convince her to be with him. But Kalliopi remained indifferent to these and was unshakable in her faith. This enraged the eparch, who saw that his hopes were crushed, and he ordered that she be immediately tortured to death. Thus, having been whipped mercilessly, and having had her breasts cut off, they burned her with lit torches, and poured vinegar and salt on her wounds. In the end, they beheaded her, and thus Saint Kalliopi received the unfading crown of glory, and entered into the joy of her Bridegroom Christ.
Today in Greece the name Kalliopi is fairly popular, though the meaning of the name is debated, as it either means "she who has a beautiful voice" or "she who has a beautiful face". To correspond with the beauty that surrounds the name, below are five beautiful Greek chapels dedicated to Saint Kalliopi, whose feast is celebrated on June 8.

1. Chapel of Saint Kalliopi in Megalochori, Santorini
Megalochori is one of the few unspoilt traditional villages in Santorini and is a place where you can experience what Santorini used to be like.This chapel was built in 2010. 

2. Chapel of Saint Kalliopi in Panagia Kanala, Kythnos
Built just a few meters from the sea, and a popular wedding destination on the island of Kythnos, this chapel was built by Papa-Kostas Gonides (+ 2019) in fulfillment of a vow he made to the Saint.

3. Chapel of Saint Kalliopi in Chora, Mykonos
This chapel was built in 1975.

4. Chapel of Saint Kalliopi in Kato Maou, Mykonos

5. Chapel of Saint Kalliopi in Triada, Evia
Behind the newly-built Church of the Holy Trinity, is the late 19th century Chapel of Saint Kalliopi, built over the ruins of a Byzantine chapel. It was built by Spyridon Kriezotis, son of Demetrios and grandson of the warlord Nikolaos, dedicating it to Saint Kalliopi in memory of his mother Kalliopi, of the family of Kitsos Tzavellas.