January 3, 2020

The Dog at the Burial of Saint Ephraim of Nea Makri

On Tuesday May 5th in the year 1426 at 9:00 AM, Saint Ephraim of Nea Makri met a martyrs death at the hands of the Turks. His relics were not discovered until they were revealed to the Abbess Makaria on January 3, 1950, being secretly buried on the grounds of the monastery for over 500 years. At the time the nuns didn't know much about whose relics they discovered that were divinely revealed to them, except that they seemed to belong to a Monk. It took some years for the revelations to come that would identify who this holy Monk was. It began when a certain nun of the monastery saw in a vision how this Monk was discovered right after his martyrdom and buried in the 15th century, which she described as follows:

"In front of the hollow of a large tree in the courtyard of the monastery there was a dog, white with black polka dots, and a sad expression in its eyes from which tears rolled down. At the entrance of the monastery three farmers appeared. The dog was roaming back and forth from the tree growling, inviting them over. When the farmers approached the tree, they saw the dog resting its leg on the hollow. Inside they found the wounded, burnt, and bloodied body of the Monk. They carefully lifted it out, dug a hole, and put it in. The dog leaned into the hollow, grabbed a piece of his rib that had been left behind, and threw it into the grave. The farmers then covered the grave and left."