January 2, 2020

Saint Theagenes, Bishop of Parium, in the Menologion of Basil II

Menologion of Basil II

January 4*

Contest of the Holy Hieromartyr Theogenes Bishop of Parium

Theogenes the hieromartyr, was Bishop of Parium,** and was held prisoner by the ruler of that place, who wanted to force him to enter the military. For he called himself a Christian, a servant and soldier of Christ. He was tied to four stakes, by his hands and feet, and was beaten by eight executioners with jagged wood. The so-called Optio approached him and mocked him, while the Saint made a prophecy regarding him, that he will perish, which indeed happened. At night the Lord appeared to him, and ordered him to not receive or eat food from the hands of the Greeks. And he chanted with the angels in prison. Having been removed from prison, he was cast into the sea, and met his end. Those who cast him therein, repented, and coming to the city, they were baptized, together with a large crowd. After three days, his relic was cast out of the sea, and his disciples took it up and buried it.


* In the original Synaxarion of Constantinople, St. Theagenes is listed under his original feast day of January 3rd, but this was changed to January 2nd in St. Nikodemos' edit of the Synaxarion. Furthermore, in the Menologion of Basil II, translated above, he is listed under January 4th with the name Theogenes instead of Theagenes.

** In the original sources of the Passion of this Saint, he is called the son of a bishop and not a bishop himself. Instead, he is described as a soldier who gave up his military duties due to his Christian beliefs. However, in the Menologion of Basil II he is described as a bishop who was forced to enter the army and refused.