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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Saint Sylvestor the Wonderworker of the Kiev Caves

St. Sylvestor of the Kiev Caves (Feast Day - January 2)

Venerable Sylvester of the Kiev Caves Lavra lived during the twelfth century and was known as the Wonderworker. In the service to the Fathers venerated in the Near Caves, Saint Sylvester is called blessed and endowed with “a miraculous gift to ward off demonic suggestions” (Ode 9 of the Canon). On all maps, starting from 1661, the relics of the Saint are indicated in a large fraternal tomb in the southwestern part of the Caves, in the so-called "Community". He is not be confused with the abbot of the Mikhailovsk Vydubitsk Monastery at Kiev, who continued the work of Saint Nestor the Chronicler and wrote nine lives of the saints of the Kiev Caves.

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