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Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Churches and Monasteries of Constantinople

The following is a list of church and monastery dedications from the fourth to the fifteenth century in Constantinople and the surrounding regions derived from authentic texts of the period. This list was compiled by the prolific Greek scholar Manuel Gedeon (1851-1943) in 1899. More contemporary research will perhaps yield different results.

1. Dedicated to Christ

Certain: 20

Ambiguous: 3

2. Dedicated to the Theotokos

Certain: 83

Ambiguous: 10

3. Dedicated to the Heavenly Powers

Certain: 29

Ambiguous: 5

4. Dedicated to John the Baptist

Certain: 22

Ambiguous: 7

5. Dedicated to the Twelve Apostles

Certain: 5

Ambiguous: 0

6. Dedicated to the Apostles Peter and Paul

Certain: 13

Ambiguous: 0

7. Dedicated to other Apostles

Certain: 24

Ambiguous: 3

8. Dedicated to the Prophets

Certain: 11

Ambiguous: 1

9. Dedicated to Male and Female Martyrs

Certain: 176

Ambiguous: 12

10. Dedicated to Male and Female Monastics

Certain: 45

Ambiguous: 2

Total Number of Churches and Monasteries:

Total Certain: 428

Total Ambiguous: 43

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