January 19, 2019

Saint Macarius the Deacon of the Kiev Caves

St. Macarius the Deacon of the Kiev Caves (Feast Day - January 19)

Saint Macarius the Deacon lived in the Far Caves of the Kiev Caves Lavra, and is commemorated on January 19 because of his namesake, Saints Makarios of Egypt and Makarios of Alexandria. Saint Macarius lived during the thirteenth-fourteenth centuries, and was distinguished by his lack of covetousness. He possessed great fervor for the temple of God and he continuously read Holy Scripture and labored in fasting.

According to tradition, he was frequently ill as a child, and his parents vowed that they would offer their son to the Monastery of the Kiev Caves if he were made healthy. By his mildness and humility he earned the love of the brethren, who taught him to read and to write. Because of his piety of life he was ordained as a deacon. The Lord also granted him the gift of wonderworking.