January 11, 2019

Synaxis of the Myriads of Angels

Synaxis of the Myriad of Angels (Feast Day - January 11)


Those singers of the thrice-holy hymn,
The Angels likewise do we honor with hymns.

The Synaxis of the Myriads of Angels was celebrated in the Martyrium of Saint Anastasia at the Portico of Domninos in Constantinople.

As for the number of Angels, Dionysius the Areopagite informs us in his Celestial Hierarchies (Ch. 14):

"They are thousand thousands, and myriad myriads, accumulating and multiplying, to themselves, the supreme limits of our numbers, and, through these, showing clearly, that the ranks of the Heavenly Beings cannot be numbered by us. For many are the blessed hosts of the supermundane minds, surpassing the weak and contracted measurement of our material number, and being definitely known by their own supermundane and heavenly intelligence and science alone, which is given to them in profusion by the supremely Divine and Omniscient Framer of Wisdom."