January 4, 2018

Saint Theoktistos, Abbot of Cucumo in Sicily

St. Theoktistos of Sicily (Feast Day - January 4)


Theoktistos shines in the land of Eden,
Where he is given his share, by the uncreated Word of God.

Saint Theoktistos was the founder and first abbot of the Monastery of Saint Nicholas in Cucumo, today Caccamo, in Palermo of Sicily. At his monastery were some Greek monks who fled persecution by the iconoclasts. He reposed in peace around the year 800.

Statue of St. Theoktistos at the Cathedral of Caccamo

Apolytikion in the Third Tone
You have become God's, royal founder, carrying out your calling, with an orderly life, pleasing to God, in works of righteousness; wherefore Christ the lover of mankind, showed you to be a leader of monks, and He accepted your struggles. Do therefore intercede on behalf of those who cry: Rejoice divinely-minded Theoktistos.

Kontakion in the Fourth Tone
You rose out of the West, mystically illuminating the Church of Christ like a bright sun with the resplendent and sacred rays of your ascetical labors, all-blessed Father, Venerable Theoktistos.

Monastery of Saint Nicholas at Caccamo