January 3, 2018

Miracles of Saint Thomais the Wonderworker of Lesvos (4 - 8)

Miracle 4:

Let my story hasten then, with all possible zeal, to other miraculous deeds of the wondrous Thomais.

A woman who lived wantonly and licentiously in every way suffered from hemorrhaging for more than six years and was terribly afflicted by this sickness. But the holy woman [Thomais], realizing that the woman's illness came from God, spoke to her as follows: "If you, woman, desire to be released from this illness which afflicts, abandon all intercourse with men during the divine and great feasts, and abandon also the prohibited activities you habitually perform. Cast as far away as possible your wallowing in the mud of passions." When the woman then promised to abstain from these activities and rejected with loathing her filthy acts, the holy Thomais healed the woman, anointing her with the usual oil. So the words and counsels of the Saint released the long-suffering woman from her serious affliction. And after having been sick for so many years, she was restored to health and promised to sin no longer. For indeed she had heard from the Saint that which was truly said by Christ: "Behold, you are made well! Sin no more." For she realized it was indecent to engage in sexual pleasure and intercourse.

Miracle 5:

Another woman who had followed a similar career and way of life did the same things; and she was of the same mind as courtesans, indeed she performed worse and soul-destroying actions, squandering her livelihood for the most part and spending large sums of money inappropriately. And performing every abominable and unseemly act, she rolled about in the slime of passions, engaging in frenzied fornication and illicit sex.

This woman, having fresh in her ears the cure of the previous woman, fell down before the feet of the Saint and shed warm tears. She rushed toward the aforementioned servant of Christ, and showed her affliction. For she had a cancer in her breast, which terribly troubled and distressed her. At any rate, she made a confession with all her soul and begged for mercy with warm tears. She then heard from Thomais words such as these: "If you wish to regain your health, avoid abnormal and filthy fornication. Do away with your passion for this and take a lawful husband, and you will quickly obtain a cure." She promised the Saint to do these things and, vowing with great reverence to do them, attained her goal.

These and similar miracles the truly divine Thomais accomplished during the course of her life, while those that follow occurred after her departure to Christ, as marvelous and extraordinary deeds.

By the time forty days had passed after her departure to the Lord, many miracles had already occurred, since her holy remains provided cures readily to those approaching them, and wrought extraordinary wonders. Our account has already spoken of those miracles she accomplished while alive, and I will now describe those after her death as strange and wondrous.

Miracle 6:

A certain man, who was originally from the land of the Nicomedians, was being attacked by a violent demon, and ran to the coffin of the Saint with supplications for aid. After remaining there a short time only and making entreaties to be freed from the demon that tormented him, he quickly obtained a cure. When the holy nuns who resided at the convent saw the wondrous miracle and recalled the words of the blessed Thomais, they marveled at her foresight and placed the remains the Saint in the divine church in a befitting manner, thus carrying out her instructions.

Miracle 7:

Not long afterwards occurred the miraculous cure of a woman who had led a pious life, dedicating herself completely to God, and spending her time in God-pleasing works. She had chosen the monastic way of life, which gives special pleasure to God, as a way of living quietly, conversing with God, and abiding by His teachings. She began to be terribly tormented by the demon who envies our race, and who cast an evil eye on it from the beginning and has inflicted harm on us from the time of our forefathers. He had insinuated himself into the aforementioned woman and was wickedly contriving to kill her, just as he previously subjected our foremother [Eve] to death. She therefore went to the tomb of the Saint and wept with warmest tears. She made supplication and earnestly entreated the Lord that through her [Thomais] she be delivered from her tormentor, for she was being torn apart by the demon and was grievously distressed, emitting piteous cried which moved one to compassion, saying: "Have mercy on me, servant of God, and set me free from the present demon." And dashing her head against the tomb, she found the customary mercy and was set free from the abuse and torment of the demon.

Miracle 8:

Our account now adds still another miracle to those already reported, one by no means inferior to the previous ones, in fact even greater in its magnitude and worth.

There was a man from this great city [Constantinople] by the name of Eutychianos. He lived somewhere near the divine church of the Oxeia, in which is highly honored the commander of the heavenly hosts [Archangel Michael]. He [Eutychianos] prided himself on his wealth, was laden with exulted in a mass of titles, gloried in a brilliant lineage, and was widely known to all. This man then was bewitched by some sorcerers and wizards with the assistance of demons, and by sinking to the worst behavior he thus became palsied. Therefore he was distressed and lamented loudly and spent his entire livelihood on physicians, since he longed for bodily health. Then he ran to her shrine and threw his entire self on the tomb of the wondrous Thomais and uttered cried such as this, saying: "Pour forth your mercy equally on me and on the others who call upon you, show forth your fervent succor, deliver me from this most excessive bodily suffering with which I am wretchedly affected. Show your great compassion to me your unworthy servant, who has sought refuge with you with much faith." And after he made this prayer and his inconsolable lament, the blessed Thomais awarded him a cure, delivering the palsied man from his disease. And just as the paralytic of old, finding release from his lengthy affliction, "took up his bed," so also through her the aforementioned man was cured and leaped about, and he who previously was completely unable to walk was seen to pass swiftly from place to place with rapid movement.