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Saints and Feasts of October 1

Friday, September 1, 2017

Saint Symeon the Stylite Resource Page

St. Symeon the Stylite (Feast Day - September 1)


Symeon left behind his mounting on the pillar,
He is found to be standing near God the Word.
On the first of September Symeon on high died.

Life of Saint Symeon the Stylite (Theodoret of Cyrus)

St. Symeon the Stylite According To Evagrius Scholasticus

Saint Symeon the Stylite as a Model for our Lives

Saint Symeon the Stylite as a Supreme Imitator of the Lord

The Relic of Saint Symeon the Stylite

The Church of St. Symeon Stylite and Modern Day Aleppo

The Column of Saint Symeon the Stylite in Aleppo Bombed

4 Greek Orthodox Shrines Dedicated to Saint Symeon the Stylite

Worshipping Among Stylites

The Only Remaining Stylite Tower in the Middle East

Saint Eudocia the Empress, Wife of Emperor Theodosius the Younger

Saint Auxentios of the Mountain (+ 470)

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