September 5, 2017

Saints and Feasts of September 5

On the fifth Zechariah was slaughtered 
on the ground of the Temple.
Holy Prophet Zechariah and His Wife Elizabeth 
Holy Martyr Abdas the Bishop

Holy Hieromartyr Abdas of Persia and Those Martyred With Him

Holy Martyrs Medimnos, Urban, Theodore 
and the Eighty Priests and Deacons

Holy Martyrs Medimnos, Urban, Theodore with Eighty Priests and Deacons Burnt in a Ship by Order of Emperor Valens (+ 370)

Holy Passion-Bearer and Prince Gleb

Holy Passion-Bearers Boris and Gleb

Holy Hieromartyr Athanasius of Brest

Saint Athanasius of Brest (+ 1648)

Commemoration of the Consecration of the 
Sacred Church of Saint Peter the Apostle 
which was in Athyra

Commemoration of the Appearance of the Apostle Peter to Emperor Justinian in Athyra