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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Saint Mamas of Caesarea Resource Page

St. Mamas the Great Martyr (Feast Day - September 2)


With vigorous faith in the Trinity Mamas,
You were steadfast being wounded with the edge of the trident.
On the second the trident poured out the bowels of Mamas.

Synaxarion of Saint Mamas the Martyr

Holy Martyr Mamas as a Model for our Lives

Holy Martyrs Theodotos and Rufina, Parents of Saint Mamas

By Honoring Saint Mamas One Honors Virtue (St. Basil the Great)

"My Own Crowned Champion, the Famous Mamas" (St. Gregory the Theologian)

Miracles of the Holy Martyr Mamas

Saint Mamas and the Omen of Julian the Apostate

The Miracle of Saint Mamas and Emperor Julian the Apostate

The Veneration of Saint Mamas in Constantinople

The Skull of Saint Mamas in Langres

The Tomb and Church of Saint Mamas in Cappadocia Today

650 Pilgrims Prevented From Celebrating the Feast of St. Mamas in Morphou

Commemoration of the Holy Martyr Mamas Over at the Sigma

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