Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Synaxarion of the Holy Confessors Pope Martin of Rome, Maximus the Most-Wise, Theodore, Euprepios and Two Named Anastasios

Holy Pope Martin, Maximus, Theodore, Euprepios, and the two Anastasioi (Feast Day - September 20)


To Martin of Rome and Maximus the Confessor.

Maximus and Martin suffered much,
Both were made worthy of much praise.

To the Two Confessors Named Anastasios.

The two Anastasioi of the teacher,
Rejoiced standing firm as pious-minded.

To Theodore and Euprepios the Confessors.

Euprepios together with the great Theodore,
Seized the reward of the grace of orthodoxy.

This holy assembly of Confessors was produced in Rome in the year 645, when they anathematized the heresy of Constans, nephew of Heraclius, who dogmatized one will in Christ.* When the emperor heard this, he first sent for them and brought from Rome Saint Maximus the Confessor and his two disciples, who were both named Anastasios. After bringing upon them many hardships, he had them exiled to Thrace.** Once again he called them back from exile,*** and seeing them fearless and above flatteries, he had the right hand and the tongue cut off of Saint Maximus and the older Anastasios,**** and they were exiled along with three others of his disciples to the region of Lazica.*****

The divine Maximus spent three years in exile, and when he reached the fullness of his days, he reposed in the Lord. Anastasios the Presbyter, his disciple, spent twenty years in exile, and he died in the Lord. The younger Anastasios was sent to a castle in Thrace, and his life came to an end in the confession of the faith. Theodore, the third disciple of the Saint, spent twenty years in exile, and departed to the Lord. Euprepios, the fourth disciple, suffered only one year in exile, and he departed to the Lord. In this manner they all received the crown of confession. Along with them the heretical emperor had the most-holy Pope Martin sent to him from Rome, along with other Bishops from the West. We have spoken of him on the thirteenth of April, when his memory is specifically celebrated, and it can be read there.


* They were thus known as Monothelites.

** They were brought to Constantinople in 658. In Constantinople, Monothelitism had gained the favor of both the Emperor and the Patriarch of Constantinople.

*** They were exiled for three or four years until 662.

**** His tongue was cut out, so he could no longer speak his rebellion, and his right hand cut off, so that he could no longer write letters.

***** Maximus was then exiled to the Lazica or Colchis region of modern-day Georgia and was cast in the fortress of Schemarum, perhaps Muris-Tsikhe near the modern town of Tsageri. He died soon thereafter, on 13 August 662. The events of the trials of Maximus were recorded by Anastasius Bibliothecarius. Saint Maximus' primary feast is on January 21st.

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