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Friday, September 15, 2017

Novonikita Icon of the Mother of God

Novonikita Icon Feast Day - (September 15)

The Novonikita Icon is one of the ancient icons of the Mother of God. It appeared to the Holy Great Martyr Niketas (+ 372). Saint Niketas was a former soldier and disciple of Theophilos, Bishop of the Goths. Prior to his baptism, Niketas saw a Child in a dream, holding His Cross in His hand. He awoke and pondered the meaning of the vision for a long time.

A certain Christian girl by the name of Juliana, inspired by God, told the youth that he should look at his own chest. To his unspeakable astonishment he discovered there an icon of the Most Holy Theotokos with the Pre-eternal Christ Child, standing on His Mother’s knees and holding the Cross in His hand.

“This is the same image I saw in the dream,” cried Saint Niketas. The appearance of the icon produced such an effect on him that he quickly received holy Baptism. Soon there was a persecution against Christians, and Saint Niketas received a martyr’s crown, together with a number of other confessors. His feast is celebrated on September 15th, together with the Novonikita Icon of the Mother of God.

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