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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Synaxarion of the Holy Confessors Ypatios the Bishop and Andrew the Presbyter

Sts. Ypatios and Andrew the Confessors (Feast Day - September 20)


On behalf of the icons all-pure Ypatios,
With Andrew were slaughtered by men of blood.

These Saints were from the land of Lydia. When they were children, they went to a certain school, and with their constant fasts and vigils and pure life, as well as with their much humility and love which the renowned ones bestowed upon all, they exceeded all the other students. Andrew was entrusted to the service of the Church. Because the Bishop of Ephesus learned of their virtuous conduct, he sent for them to be brought before him. Ypatios was then ordained a Bishop, and Andrew was ordained a Presbyter, namely a Priest.

When the impious and iconoclast Leo (717-741) learned of them, that they were preachers of the truth, and taught everyone to respect and venerate the holy icons, he sent for them to be brought before him. At first he imprisoned them. Then he ordered for them to be dragged along the ground, and they were torn to pieces. After this, he scalped their sacred heads, and on their heads the villain had many holy icons burned. Then he had their beards covered in pitch, and dragged them to the middle of the city. Finally, he had them slaughtered in the place called Xerolophos. Following their death the wild beast would not allow them to be buried, so he had them cast to the dogs to be consumed.

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