Thursday, September 7, 2017

Saint Kassiani Resource Page

St. Kassiani the Hymnographer (Feast Day - September 7)


Kassiani is looked upon in the Church,
As a siren of hymns with divinely-struck music.
On the seventh Kassiani the sweet-toned nightingale died.

Synaxarion of Saint Kassiani the Hymnographer

Saint Kassiani the Hymnographer

The Tomb of Saint Kassiani in Kasos

The Many Dresses of Kassiani

P.B. Paschou on the Troparion of Kassiani

Thrasyvoulos Stanitsas and the Troparion of Kassiani

Hymn of Kassiani (Live Performance by Nektaria Karantzi)

Select Gnomic Verses of Saint Kassiani

Synaxis of All Saints of the Dodecanese

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