Friday, September 7, 2012

The Tomb of Saint Kassiani in Kasos

St. Kassiani, best known for her hymnography, became a nun and founded a monastery in Constantinople at a young age. Later in life she traveled to Italy with another nun named Evdokia. From there she went to the island of Kasos near Crete, where she reposed on September 7th around 890 AD. Her body was placed in a larnax and eventually a chapel dedicated to her was built over this. This 9th century larnax survives today in Kasos together with a plaque from that time indicating the year of Kassiani's death with a cross.

According to local tradition, the larnax no longer contains the relics of St. Kassiani, which at one point were transferred to the island of Icarus. She is clebrated throughout Greece on September 7th, but especially on the island of Kasos.

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