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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Saint Katherine of Alexandria Resource Page


Katherine was wise and a virgin,
And a Martyr by the sword, O beautiful triad!
On the twenty-fifth the aid of orators was killed by the sword.

Synaxarion of Saint Katherine the Great Martyr


Was Saint Katherine Really Hypatia of Alexandria?

Bride of Christ, Saint Catherine of Alexandria

UNESCO Video About St. Katherine's Monastery in Sinai

The Real Mount Sinai Is Where It Has Always Been

The Miracle of Saint Katherine at the Ecclesiastical School of Lamia in 1992

Two Greek Shrines of Saint Katherine the Great Martyr

The Cave Churches of Saint Katherine in Kythera

Saint Katherine of the Sinai Monastery in Heraklion, Crete

The Holy Spring of Saint Katherine in Moda, Istanbul

Saint Symeon of Trier, known as the Five-Tongued (+ 1035)

PJ Harvey and St. Catherine Chapel In Abbotsbury

The Witches' Days of Winter in Slovakia - November 25 to December 13

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