November 10, 2015

St. Gabriel the Fool for Christ and the Photo of St. Nektarios

St. Gabriel the Confessor

A spiritual daughter of St. Gabriel narrated:

One day the Elder surprised me with his words:

"God told me that he loves you very much. 'If I did not love her, what kind of God would I be?' Remember well: when I die, bury me there."

And he showed me the place where his grave is today. Then it was a garbage dump, and I thought I misunderstood him, but Fr. Gabriel repeated:

"No! There, there! Remember well whatever I tell you: St. Nina is now in Bodbe where she is incorrupt and there gushes myrrh. Yet I will be here."

He bent his head and continued:

"When I die, half of Georgia will gather here."

The Elder spoke as if his grave already existed, and he left us his testament:

"First they must open the grave of my spiritual child. They will find him as I buried him, with the Gospel at his heart. Then they will open my grave. I will remain incorrupt."

St. Nektarios in his coffin

And he showed us a photograph of St. Nektarios, who seemed very similar in his face with Fr. Gabriel. This photograph hung over his bed and many who saw it thought that it was Fr. Gabriel in his coffin.

Source: From the book Saint Gabriel (1925-1995) the Fool for Christ and Confessor. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.