November 1, 2015

Saints Kyriaina and Juliana of Cilicia

Sts. Kyriaina and Juliana (Feast Day - November 1)


To Kyriaina
Kyriaina in fire breathed her last,
Let all who have breath honor the great Lord.

To Juliana
Aflame, O Savior, with her love for you,
That flame from fire Juliana now bears.

Kyriaina and Juliana lived during the reign of Emperor Maximian (286-305). Kyriaina was from Tarsus of Cilicia, while Juliana was from Rosos, which is also in Cilicia.

In 298 Governor Marcian attempted to coerce these two women into denying Christ. Unsuccessful in his attempt, he had them subjected to harsh punishment. To shame Kyriaina, he had the locks of her hair and her eyebrows shaved. He then ordered her paraded throughout Tarsus naked four times, by disorderly soldiers.

Kyriaina was then taken to Rosos, where she was cast into the flames with Juliana. Hence, these two holy women were martyred in Rosos, and ascended victoriously to the heavens.