November 29, 2015

Saint Philoumenos of Ancyra

St. Philoumenos of Ancyra (Feast Day - November 29)


The feet of Philoumenos were pierced with nails,
Loving Christ and being loved by God.

During the reign of Emperor Aurelian (270-275), the Holy Martyr Philoumenos, who was from Lycaonia and had as an occupation the delivery of wheat to Galatia, was brought before the governor of Ancyra, whose name was Felix. 

Having confessed that he was a Christian, they first hammered nails through his feet and tore at his flesh. Then they pierced him with a wooden blade, and placed him in a lit furnace. However, he remained unscathed by the power of Christ. 

For this reason they hammered nails through his head and hands and legs. Then they forced him to run a distance of thirty stades, which equals to about four miles. This caused the athlete of Christ to die of exhaustion and loss of blood, so he gave his holy soul into the hands of God, from Whom he received the incorruptible crown of martyrdom.

Apolytikion in the Fourth Tone
Let us acclaim Paramonos and Philoumenos as divine servants, and illustrious athletes of Christ our God, for out of love for Him they defeated the lawless by their contest, and they pray for us that forgiveness may be granted to all.

Kontakion in the Second Tone
As martyrs enlisted by Christ through faith, you cut down the ranks of the enemy. And when you received the crown of victory, you became equal in honor to the Angels, O blessed Paramonos and wise Philoumenos.