November 23, 2015

An Update on the Campaign to Publish Orthodox Texts

Dear Readers:

First of all, I would like to greatly thank all those who have contributed so far to the campaign I announced a few weeks back (see here) to help me publish various Orthodox texts I have been privately working on for the past few years. The positive response has been encouraging and amazing. I know my readers extend throughout the world, but I did not expect the contributions to come from such diverse places. Below is a list of all the places from where contributions both great and small have come in thus far over the past few weeks to support this project:

South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

Going in to this campaign, I expected at least 90% of those interested in this project to have come from the United States, but it is more like 40% at this point. This highlights the fact that the interest in providing Orthodox texts in the English language is of worldwide interest outside of traditional Orthodox countries. And this only reflects the contributors. Imagine the interest from those who have not contributed! This website alone reaches over 100,000 readers a month from all continents, countries, cities, islands and towns.

There were a few inquiries I received that I wanted to answer in regards to this project:

1. Can past contributors receive access to your "secret" website?

Though this project is different from what I asked support for in the past, if a contribution of $50 or more has been made in the past year and another contribution cannot be made at this time, I will allow access only upon request via email.

2. When will you provide access information to your new website?

I wanted to scope out the interest in this campaign for a few weeks before I moved forward. Now that the interest has been confirmed, I will set about on working to get everything going. Those who have contributed at least $50 once or $10 monthly will receive an email from me within a couple of weeks with more information.

3. How long is the campaign for this project going to last?

This specific campaign is from now on a part of this ministry, so it is indefinite. Those who make any future financial gifts to this ministry of at least $50 once or commit to $10 monthly will receive access to my new private website.

For those who have not yet contributed, and would like to be a part of this mission, please considering doing so below.

Click on the DONATE button to make a one-time donation (a Paypal account is not needed to make a one-time donation):

Click on the SUBSCRIBE button, after choosing an amount from the drop box, to make regular monthly donations:

To send in your donation, please do so to the following address:

John Sanidopoulos
PO Box 320284
West Roxbury, MA 02132

Thank you for your help!

John Sanidopoulos