November 25, 2015

Synaxarion of Saint Katherine the Great Martyr

On the 25th of this month (November), we commemorate the Holy and glorious Great Martyr of Christ Katherine


Katherine was wise and a virgin,
And a Martyr by the sword, O beautiful triad!
On the twenty-fifth the aid of orators was killed by the sword.

She lived during the reign of Maximian, and came from the city of Alexandria, being the daughter of the chieftain named Constus. At eighteen years of age she was very beautiful and well-built. She reached the farthest point of Greek and Roman, namely Latin, education and science: namely the Greek Homer, the Latin majestic poet Virgil, Asclepius, Hippocrates and Galen the physicians, Aristotle and Plato, Philistion and Eusebius the philosophers, Jannes and Jambres the great magicians, Dionysius and Sybil. She was trained in the entire art of rhetoric, as much as could be found among men. Not only this, but the all-wise one also learned many languages and dialects of many nations, so that she left in amazement not only those who saw her, but also those who heard of her fame and wisdom. During the reign of Maximian and Maxentius his son, she was arrested for confessing Christ, and underwent many and various torments. And with her wisdom and skill in logical argument, she convinced one-hundred and fifty orators to believe in Christ, along with many other Greeks. With them the blessed one was beheaded and received the crown of martyrdom.

Apolytikion in the Plagal of the First Tone
Let us praise the most auspicious bride of Christ, the divine Katherine, protectress of Sinai, our aid and our help. For, she brilliantly silenced the eloquence of the impious by the power of the Spirit, and now, crowned as a martyr, she asks great mercy for all.

Kontakion in the Second Tone
O friends of martyrs, now divinely raise up a renewed chorus, praising the all-wise Katherine. For, she proclaimed Christ in the arena, trampled on the serpent, and spat upon the knowledge of the orators.