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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Martyrdom Site of St. Michael Paknanas in Athens

On July 9, 1771 St. Michael Paknanas was brought to the ancient Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens to be beheaded on the site of its ruins for his refusal to deny his Christian faith and embrace Islam. His last words to the executioner who taunted him were, "Strike for the Faith!"

On the pillar where he was beheaded, faithful Christians left this inscription: "1771 Ιουλίου 9 απεκεφαλίσθη ο Πακνανάς Μιχάλης" (July 9th 1771 Michael Paknanas was beheaded).

The photos below were taken by Brian Whirledge ( in 2012. Though the inscription is clear in person, it is not easily photographed. The inscription and place of St. Michael's martyrdom is the furthest right pillar in the zoomed out photo; the small spot of sunlight is actually illumining the inscription.


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