July 25, 2013

A Miracle of St. Anna on the Feast of Her Dormition

Eustratios Mamalougkos, a resident of Aigio, narrates the following:

In our village, Skoupia Proikonisou, I was then 19 years old, the following miracle of Saint Anna happened. My first cousin, Kyriaki Kapantai, then aged 20, was seriously ill. For two years she was confined to bed. She could not sit on a chair, and they fed her with a spoon. An old woman who lived on the edge of the village, heard some women discussing the matter.

"That girl," they said, "the daughter of Argyros, it is said she will not become well."

For this reason, the old woman was prompted to visit the sick girl at her home. Seeing her, her heart was pained, and she told her family:

"Take her to the grace of Saint Anna. Now that her feast is approaching, take her and she will become well."

"How do we take her? She is unable to get up."

"A way will be found. Put her on a donkey with two pillows and two people will hold her on the right and on the left."

In this way we decided to go to Saint Anna, on the day of her feast (July 25).

Her turn came to be sanctified with holy water. They put the icon on her lap, while she was sitting down and they were holding her head, because she could not be stabilized.

Then the miracle happened. The sick girl who was unable to walk stood up and walked to the sea together with the icon. She walked for some time at the beach until the distance of a big stone, then she returned again to the church. She left the festival completely well and returned home walking on her feet. She lives until today (1983) as a faithful Christian with children and grandchildren in Aigio.

From Αγία Άννα: Βίος της Αγίας Άννας και θαύματα στο προσκύνημα στο Βόρι Προικονήσου και στο Αίγιον Αχαίας, π. Κωνσταντίνος Παλαιολογόπουλος, Α´ Έκδοσις Αίγιον 1984.

Translated by John Sanidopoulos