July 31, 2013

Statement of the Canonical Esphigmenou Brotherhood on the Molotov Cocktails

July 29, 2013

The canonical Brotherhood of the Sacred Monastery of Esphigmenou (which is recognized by the Ecumenical Patriarchate) issued an announcement regarding the attack with molotov cocktails and an explosive device at Karyes.

The text of the announcement is as follows:

Karyes of the Holy Mountain on this day, 07/29/2013, experienced an attack with explosives and molotov cocktails.

One hundred meters from the most-sacred Church of the Protaton and the Sacred Community of the Holy Mountain, the occupiers of the buildings of our Monastery refused to relinquish the occupied section of the Representative Sector at Karyes to the judicial bailiff who had come to execute the final court injunction of a restraining order, and they threw three molotovs and an explosive device at him.

The day passed waiting for police reinforcement, which ultimately may not be sufficient to simply protect us.

We appeal to everyone, and especially to the well-governed State:

Finally understand what is happening. We are in danger. We do not know what the dawn of tomorrow will have in store for us, with fanatics possessing explosives in direct contact with the site of our home.

The Prosecutor of Thessaloniki requested any information on the arrest of the perpetrators. Will anybody listen to even the Prosecutor? Must the Holy Mountain grieve its victims before the mobilization of the State? The photographs say it all.

Translated by John Sanidopoulos.