July 11, 2013

An Interview With Yours Truly (John Sanidopoulos)

A few days ago I was interviewed by a friend from Africa, Godwin Delali Adadzie, who is a Catholic Apologist, and today it was published on his website Gadel.info. Please check it out at the following link:


Below are the questions I answered from an Orthodox Christian perspective for a Catholic audience:

Who is John Sanidopoulos?

Who are the Orthodox Christians?

Is Orthodoxy really necessary?

What still divides Catholics and Orthodox today?

Do you see a unity between Orthodox and Catholics once more?

What is the Orthodox understanding of the sacrament of confession and reconciliation?

How would an Orthodox Christian view the Rosary devotion of the Virgin Mary our Theotokos?

What are the Orthodox positions on abortion, contraceptives and homosexuality?

Do the Orthodox Churches believe we are in the Apocalypse?

Can you tell us about the Eucharist and why it is necessary for our salvation?

Your final thoughts.