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July 12, 2013

The Sainthood of the Venerable Elder Paisios

By His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas of Fthiotidos

That which is happening with the blessed Elder Paisios the Hagiorite has no precedent in the Orthodox Church.

And when he lived, as well as after his venerable repose, the unanimous conscience of the Church believes and already considers him to be a saint.

In Greece as well as other homodox lands everyone speaks of his teachings, his miracles, and his clairvoyant charisma, through which, as a heavenly telescope, he knew the innermost parts of souls and offered to pilgrims the medicine of salvation.

This man had wisdom from above, who, although uneducated, took his place among the chorus of ecumenical teachers.

His words were wise, his advice was sweeter than honey, his love with which he embraced every person was divine, his mind and heart emitted the illuminating grace of the Holy Spirit.

In his person we came to know holiness in all of its depth and width. His words were "words of eternal life". His graceful jokes were full of wisdom and delight.

Everything he said was a gospel. His affectionate and compassionate style calmed every troubled soul.

No other spiritual father delivered such a great work, like Elder Paisios.

No other physician healed as many sick people, like the physician of souls Monk Paisios.

No other shepherd led their logical sheep so worthily along the way of salvation, like this humble Hagiorite Monk.

His boldness before God transcends even that of the great saints.

His presence in our time was a gift from God for afflicted people.

The conscience of the Church believes him to be a great saint. His name has reached the ends of the universe.

The day of his canonization to sainthood is very near. It is very significant that His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew himself, in a recent homily in Nigdi of Cappadocia, numbered Elder Paisios among the saints of Cappadocia.

The day of the official recognition by the Venerable Head of Orthodoxy of the sainthood of Elder Paisios will be a triumphant day of the Faith and of the life in Christ.

May he intercede before the Lord on behalf of us all.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos