July 27, 2013

Photo of Elder Justin Parvu Gushes Myrrh 40 Days After His Repose

Yesterday evening [July 25], at around 11:00 PM, which was the hour upon which the fortieth day since the repose of Elder Justin was beginning, he consoled his spiritual children with a miracle inside the Cell in which he spent the last three years of his life and where he reposed.

The Cell of the Elder was open for visitors from July 25th. On the armchair of the Elder, from which he would hear confessions and bless and anoint the faithful, there is now a large photograph of him.

So yesterday evening when some monastics and laypeople were praying in the Cell of the Elder, the photograph began running with myrrh exactly at the point where his hand is giving a blessing.

This was also repeated the next morning when some pilgrims were praying in his Cell, kneeling in front of the armchair in which the Elder would listen to the troubles and sorrows of the people.

This wonderful sign of faith and comfort took place to show that the Elder is still listening and helping us.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos

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