July 11, 2013

A 9th-century Salutation in Honor of St. Euphemia

The following salutation in honor of St. Euphemia was written by Bishop Constantine of Tio, an ancient city of Bythinia, between the years 796-806 A.D. It is recorded in his text titled "Oration on the Discovery of the Honorable Relic of the Holy and All-praised Martyr Euphemia".

Χαίροις, Εὐφημία πανεύφημε, χριστιανῶν καταφύγιον·

Χαίροις, Εὐφημία πανεύφημε, ἱερέων ἱερόν ἐγκαλλώπισμα·

Χαίροις, Εὐφημία πανένδοξε, ἀσθενῶν καταφύγιον·

Χαίροις, Εὐφημία πανεύφημε, θλιβομένων προσφύγιον·

Χαίροις, Εὐφημία πανόλβιε, βασιλέων περιτείχισμα·

Χαίροις, Εὐφημία πανεύφημε, συνοδικῶν δογμάτων ἀσφάλεια·

Χαίροις, Εὐφημία πανεύφημε, ἡ αἱμάτων μύρα τῷ κόσμῳ προχέουσα·

Χαίροις, Εὐφημία σεπτότατε, αἱρετικῶν στομάτων χαλινός ὀχυρώτατος·

Χαίροις, Εὐφημία παγγέραστε καί βαρβάρων ἀντίπαλε·

Χαίροις, πάντων ἡμῶν καταφυγή καί προπύργιον καί πρός Θεόν μεσῖτις καί πρεσβεία ἀκοίμητος.

Rejoice, Euphemia all-praised, a refuge for Christians.

Rejoice, Euphemia all-praised, the sacred adornment of priests.

Rejoice, Euphemia all-glorious, a refuge for the sick.

Rejoice, Euphemia all-praised, a refuge for the afflicted.

Rejoice, Euphemia all-blessed, the surrounding wall of kings.

Rejoice, Euphemia all-praised, the security of synodal dogmas.

Rejoice, Euphemia most-venerable, whose blood of myrrh has poured throughout the world.

Rejoice, Euphemia all-praised, who has bridled the mouths of heretics most-securely.

Rejoice, Euphemia all-honorable and the opponent of Barbarians.

Rejoice, the refuge and stronghold of us all and our mediator before God and sleepless intercessor.

Translated by John Sanidopoulos