December 13, 2012

Today's Need for Bright and Transparent Cassocks

By Monk Moses the Athonite

Lately there is a lot of talk about clergymen who have forgotten their mission, or they preach and are occupied with alternative projects. They rightly condemn the far right, but they also flirt with the known left. The first supports violence, racism and non-freedom. The left maintains its anti-ecclesiastical atheism. Modernism and progressivism require great attention. Leftsts do the Church a favor by allowing them to exist and recognizing them only for their philanthropic work. The left systematically works to place the Church on the sidelines, limiting her, slandering her and misunderstanding her.

There exists a path which says "may the time pass well", "let us not create tensions", "let us be right with everyone". Another path also exists, which does not fear the truth, confesses justice, and defends the faith without criticism, fanaticism, or condemnation. These clergy are not dismayed by any kind of torture. The others are restricted to their formal duties as shepherds.

Once again there is talk of Greek clergy being Masons. Masonry is officially condemned by the Church of Greece. The clergy should inform their flocks so that the Masonic Lodges are transparent. The nature of Christianity and Masonry can in no way be equated, especially in someone ordained.

There is a need to be informed, to reposition and to be cleansed.

Both the Church and state need cleansing. They need more light. Raoul Follereau said: "In the existing darkness you can light a candle and something will turn grey." Much needs to be seen more deeply.

Christ did not obey the demon to turn stones into bread in order to satisfy the hungry. Clergy reach the point of trying to correct Christ by exhausting their services in the distribution of food. We are not saying that philanthropy and love for the poor are not needed, especially today, but it is not the answer and the foremost thing. The Church gives that which nobody else can give. This seems to have also been forgotten by some people of the cloth, who, it has been said, guard a lot of money.

The Church speaks of the sanctity and uniqueness of the human person, of the freedom of humanity, the fearlessness of death, the wealth of poverty, the joy of neediness, the comfort of temperance. Our times want bright and transparent cassocks. There are monks, deacons, priests and bishops who keep vigil, stand upright, are alert, pray, endure, spiritually work, secretly and efficiently. No one writes about them. They live modestly, quietly, without advertisement. Cassocks that are simple, frugal, and black like wings. The cassocks flutter in the wind, smelling of incense, carrying evangelical consolation. They live the truth and rejoice, having experience and discernment and assisting souls wounded by the arrows of wickedness. Of the 9,000 priests in our country, the vast majority are very Orthodox and benevolent.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos