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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Gifts of the Magi Brought to Aitoloakarnanias (Photos / Video)

On Thursday evening December 20, 2012 a portion of the Honorable Gifts of the Three Magi were brought by Athonite monks from the Holy Monastery of Saint Paul on Mount Athos to the Metropolis of Aitolia and Akarnanias. They were received in a special ceremony by the chancellor of the Metropolis of Aitolia and Akarnanias, Fr. Epiphanios, amidst a large crowd of faithful, priests and dignitaries. A procession then brought the Holy Relics to the Church of Saint Nicholas where a Doxology took place at 5:00 PM which was followed by Compline.

The Holy Relics will remain in this church until December 27th, at which time they will be returned to Mount Athos.

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