December 29, 2012

BBC Reports Athens to Get First Mosque

There are many problems with this BBC report that are not explored adequately:

1. The Ottoman era mosques in Greece were in fact Orthodox churches prior to them being forcefully taken by Muslims and converted into mosques.

2. It does not address the atrocities of Muslims upon Greece over a period of more than four centuries.

3. It does not address the difficulty and impossibility of Greek Orthodox churches being established and maintained in places like Asia Minor, the Middle East, and Northern Cyprus.

4. A large number of the Muslims in Greece are illegal immigrants, and a mosque raises fears that more illegal immigrants will seek entrance into Greece. This is a problem faced by Athens to a much larger extant than other EU capitals.

5. The above concerns are for the most part viewed and shot down by the report as "Islamophobic".

The BBC report can be read here: