December 13, 2012

Elder Paisios On Those Called To Be Clergymen

Elder Paisios said:

I see today a certain love to be the first. Many rush to be first - clergy, etc. Yet they base themselves on human strengths and do not get anywhere. If God calls someone to an office, then God is "obligated" to help him to bring to pass his mission. Those who rush are hassled by various problems and their conscience, both now and in the next life.

Christians do not ask much from the clergy. Only two things - that they not eat much and that they not be stingy.

Someone once asked who quickly wanted to become a bishop if he must first serve at Rizarios Ecclesiastical School as a professor or as a secretary for the Holy Synod...even Pharisees censed others.

Even if he did become a bishop, he would not have inner quietude, but be tormented. These have not tasted the sweetness of spiritual life. This is why the ascetics fled from being ordained and enclosed themselves within their Cells, while others opened the roof of their Cells to get them ordained.

One episcopal candidate asked a synodal bishop for only one vote. In the end he got all the votes and was elected unanimously. He said: "Now what is the Holy Spirit, but a dove to be blown away!" And many think that the preparatory work for the election of a bishop takes place by the Grace of the Holy Spirit.

Source: Bishop Christophoros of Andida, My Relationship With Elder Paisios the Athonite (2). Translated by John Sanidopoulos.