December 10, 2012

The Control and Subversion of Eschatological Alarmism

By Monk Moses the Athonite

It is a fact that we live in difficult, turbulent, uncertain and tough times. Some with zeal, fanaticism, extremism and exaggeration intensify this climate. They are fond of demonologies, antichristologies, eschatologies, myths, scientism and morbidities. They even use the Church for their fraudulent purposes. Unfortunately the ignorant are swayed by radio and television broadcasts, books and articles. One of the publishers of such books is Mr. Liakopoulos.

He invokes globalization, the errors of which we have for years pointed out, and he terribly frightens the world. He has a tendency towards the worship of the ancients, psychologization, philosophication, theologicalization, and populism. He negates progress, culture, contemporary life and spirituality. I cannot deny that he says some bitter truths, but the whole atmosphere is quite cloudy. He gives no real solutions, but only leads to deadlocks. He considers prophecies to have lost their value. He talks about a "Delphic Brotherhood", a "Delphic Survival Guide after the end of the New Order", an economic disaster, a third world war, a "period after the flash of the sun", about the coming of a "Warlord". All of these darken, frighten and worry.

He emphasizes the coming of terrible hunger, the loss of electricity, and the abandonment of cities because there will be no security and care and thefts will increase. He speaks about direct internal migration. Everything is seen with bleakness and darkness, through despair, fear and confusion. Violence, killing, earthquakes, floods, landslides, panic, robberies and cannibalism will prevail. He suggests the consumption of insects and worms for food. Dangers from water, air, earth and sea will flourish. He makes himself out to be a sociologist, a dietitian, a psychologist, a doctor, and a specialist in all things.

Survival in the city he considers impossible. He reports of misery, looting, deficiencies, atrocities, and the need for gunmen and murders. He terrifies the sick, the disabled, pregnant women, the elderly and children. He says that the expiration dates of foods and drinks is a scam of the merchants. He gives the recipe for basic food preservation and alternatives to electricity. He suggests the keeping of small animals, the farming of gardens, and training in construction. The third world war is surely coming, he says.

He thinks that every legal system will be destroyed, and the welfare state and consumer market will dissolve. Money will lose its value. This war, he says, was prophesied by the Elders of Orthodoxy. Ten million people in Greece will go hungry. There are many tedious repetitions for ways to survive: the preservation of food, living in inaccessible retreats, excesses regarding water, fire and even eating rats for food. He writes of chemical warfare, biological, radioactive and nuclear. From volume to volume he goes from bad to worse. I have before me now volumes 28, 29 and 30.

The sun will burn out, he says, for the first time and will destroy all electrical technology. He knows well what he is saying and is not graphic at all, he says. All this will happen in eight minutes, he says. He speaks abstractly about "bronze books" that mention the return of mythological gods as warlords and judges of the Nephilim. He interprets as if he knows the prophecies of the holy glorious hieromartyr Kosmas the Aitolos. He references Christophoros Papoulakos, Elder Paisios the Athonite and Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi. In the war between Russia and America, fear will turn into terror; people will ask to die. Teaching advice is given for survival in the winter, in the summer, in the ice, in the sea, on the mountains, for the diseased and the infected, for traveling and camping. A concentration of copper will remove the Nephilim.

He mixes the unmixable. He speaks of the "Delphic Survival Guide trilogy". He concludes: "The basic knowledge given is a timely warning of the Delphic Brotherhood (?) to the students of Fate." I am sorry, but I cannot follow a fantastic rationale, speculative, and terrifying; the mixing of mythology and ancient worship, hagiology, epistemology, and rambling futurology. What is his aim? To protect people from approaching dangers? When will they happen? If they happen after one thousand years, what does it concern us? I think the author with his many fields of knowledge manages to create fear, terror, anxiety, confusion, stress, agitation and despair. Perhaps this is the purpose? He refers from one book to another. I do not know what kind of circulation he has, but I hear he has influence that affects and concerns and frightens many, who discuss these things and propagate them. He advertises himself that his television program has the top rating.

I'm not afraid of the writings, but for the exploitation of human suffering, distress about the future, and the difficulties being passed. There is no theological correctness, but unorthodox thoughts that are arbitrary, using Elders and Saints for deception. He proclaims the twelve gods, terror and wordiness from reliable sources. It is a shame for Christians to be lured by such sermons and messages and not enjoy the gift of God: life, peace, love, serenity, and "give us this day". I write the above without fear or passion, but with pain and love, after studying the books of the author, which tired me and made me dizzy and in fact led me to many questions.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.