December 10, 2022

What Vasiliki Rallis Revealed About the Soul of Her Departed Husband

 By Alexios the Reader

Vasiliki Rallis told us what took place as soon as the soul of her husband Angelos left his body. Angelos Rallis was the vessel of the Lord's election who took the lead in the holy cause on behalf of the Newly-Revealed Neomartyrs Raphael, Nicholas and Irene, in Karyes of Thermi on the island of Lesvos.

So she told us that her late husband fell asleep on the Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos, after chanting and taking communion of the Immaculate Mysteries, and in the following hours in his sleep, his blessed soul flew silently to the Heavenly Father!

After a few days, his soul was presented to Vasiliki, and he told her that just at the time of his death, as he left his body, he felt some terror. Then, however, he was led before the Judgment Seat of Christ! The Great Martyr Raphael appeared there, apparently to intercede in favor of his soul being placed on the right side of the Judge!

Vasiliki then asked him:

"And what did Saint Raphael say to Christ about you, Angelo?"

And she got the answer:

"What do you expect, Vasiliki, for a father to say to the Lord about his child?" (obviously the best things).

Then there began to appear at the terrible Judgment Seat the souls of reposed acquaintances, for whom Angelos as a chanter had chanted at their memorial services, pro bono, and these souls now pleaded with the Just Judge for the salvation of the soul of their spiritual benefactor on the earth!

Thus, our beloved Vasiliki finished her shocking story, stating the righteous soul of her husband was classified, as he himself revealed to her in the vision, "in the order of the singers of hymns in Paradise!"

She also told us that when her husband was still alive, he would sometimes say: "If Vasiliki upsets me about something, of course I will forgive her, but I won't even kiss her hand!"

So a few years after his repose, she herself dreamed of his soul coming down, accompanied by another soul, of someone known to her, and she was surprised to see him kissing her hand! Her spiritual father from the Holy Mountain explained to her that in this way, the soul of her husband Angelos, as having boldness before the Lord, corrected practically - according to spiritual precision - those words he had said when he was alive! (this is rare, but it happens when God wants!).

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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